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Pontoon is a blackjack variation that has very similar rules to the original blackjack game. There are two versions of Pontoon, the UK version and the Australian version. Prism Casino offers the UK version.

How to Play Pontoon

The rules of Pontoon are essentially the same basic rules as the regular game, you can read our extensive Regular Blackjack Rules here. The first step is simply to place your bets. You can place bets using the following coins: $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $100.00 and $500.00. (To bet $47.00 for example, use $25.00, 2 x $5.00 and 2x $1.00.) Players have an extra advantage as the dealer must hit on a soft 17.

Pontoon Rules

The main difference between Pontoon and regular blackjack is that when you “Push” (tie) with the dealer you do not tie and get your initial wager back as all pushes are losses. However, players can choose to “stand” with a hand that has a value of 15 an above at any point in the game. All hands that have a value of 14 or above must be hit. Another huge difference is that the dealers hand is completely faced down.

The good part of this is that this includes checking for natural 21s so you, the player, can catch up and work to create a blackjack that can still beat the natural 21 the dealer might have. Players can double down only in the game but they can hit afterwards (not the case in regular blackjack). Also, hands can be split twice in a game unless the player is dealt a pair of aces which means they can only split once.

Pontoon Game Controls

  • Place your bets
  • Click on “Deal”
  • Choose your next move depending on the cards dealt and try to beat the dealer!
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account!

Pontoon Features

  • Hit after you double down
  • Challenging and rewarding
  • UK version
  • Dealers cards are faced down

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