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Tri Card Poker

True to its name, Tri Card Poker (also called Three Card Poker) is a type of poker game that is played with 3-card hands. This game can be traced back to more than 300 years! Even just a little strategy can go a long way in Tri Card Poker and it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’re a newbie poker player at Prism Casino. This game is the American version of the classic British game called Brag.

How to Play Tri Card Poker

The first thing to do when playing Tri Card Poker is to place your bets. Then, click on the button marked “Deal” and you will be dealt 3 cards. If you hand at this point is made up of a pair or higher, you automatically get paid at this point! The game is played between the dealer and the player with a standard 52 card deck.

Tri Card Poker Rules

There are two ways to play the game; you can play using the Standard Play version and Pair Plus version. In the Standard Play version the player’s goal is to make a better hand than the dealer. The Pairs Plus version you bet on getting a hand with either a pair or better. Players bet on either one or both betting versions and the bets can be different. The dealer must first have a queen or higher as a ranking card in order to qualify and you will win if the end value of your hand is higher than that of the dealers.

Tri Card Poker Game Controls

  • Place your bets
  • Click on “Deal”
  • Then bet the ante – you can choose to raise after the next card is dealt
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account!

Tri Card Poker Features

  • Dealer needs Q or higher to win!
  • Easy 3-card poker hand
  • Fun with great payouts!
  • Perfect for Poker learners

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