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Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy is a speciality three-card game with a side-bet option. This game is exclusively available on the best online casino. The game is played with points and each card has an assigned point value ranging from zero to ten. The game’s objective is to end up with fewer points than the dealer.

How to Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy

This game is one of the many reasons that players love to play at Prism Casino – a Real Time Gaming casino. In Vegas 3 Card Rummy, each cards has a point value. Cards numbered 2-10 are given points at their face value. Face cards are all worth 10 points. Aces are worth one point, any pair, any triple any two-card or three-card suited run are worth zero points. The bonus rounds, however are based upon the poker hand. So poker hand combinations do count for something!

The player is dealt 3 cards face up and the dealer is dealt 3 cards face down. The dealer’s hand must qualify with 20 points or less.

Vegas 3 Card Rummy Game Controls

  • First wager your initial bet as your ante
  • You then have the option to place a “Bonus Bet” wagers which depend on your poker hand (there is a payout table for the “Ante” and the “Raise”
  • You need to get a Bonus Bet payout hand in order to win the side bet, otherwise that wager is lost.
  • The player can raise or fold
  • In order to raise an amount equal to the ante must be added to your bet
  • The dealer’s cards are then revealed
  • The player can only “Raise” the bet if his/her hand is lower than the dealer’s and if the dealer has less than 20 points (i.e., the dealer’s hand qualifies). If the dealer’s hand doesn’t quality, the “raised” bet is returned and the only the ante amount is won
  • If the dealer does qualify and his hand is better than yours, the dealer wins

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