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War (otherwise known as Casino War) is hands down the easiest casino table game that you can play. If you think you’re not familiar with this game – trust us, you are. You probably played it hundreds of times as a kid! This game is fast-paced, lots of fun to play and really a fun and easy way to boost your bankroll. War is a game solely based on luck which is a nice change of pace for casino gamblers who are always wrapped up in the skill-based games.

How to Play War

War is played between two parties – in the case of casinos on the internet, it’s the player vs. the dealer. Two cards are dealt and whoever has the higher card wins. It’s the simple! Once you place your bets, the cards are dealt and the winner is revealed automatically! It the result is a draw (both cards drawn are identical) the player then has to options: either surrender and lose half of the bet or go to war. “Going to war” is as follows: If a player chooses to go to war they must place an additional bet that is equal to the original bet placed. The dealer must also do the same. Then, the dealer burns the top three cards of the deck (discards them) and the 4th card determines who wins. If the player’s card is the same or higher than the dealer’s card, the player wins the original bet and the new bet. If the card is lower, then the dealer wins.

War Game Rules

  • Place your bets
  • The game automatically deals two cards: one to the player and one to the dealer
  • Whoever has the higher cards wins
  • If it’s a tie (also called a draw) then the player can either surrender and keep half the winnings or go to war
  • Going to war = both player and dealer double the bet, 3 cards are discarded and the 4th card determines the winner
  • If the player’s card is lower than the dealer – the dealer wins. Otherwise, if the card is the same or higher, the player wins
  • Suit cards have no value in the game of war

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