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You can make real cash when you enter one of our Slot Tournaments.

Pit yourself against other casino players for a race to win the top prize. There are a variety of games available and the best part is anyone can play! Start by downloading the casino software and click on the tournaments button in the bottom right hand corner of the lobby.

Getting started is easy

Step one: create an alias

If this is the very first time you are entering a tournament you will be asked to create an alias that will be displayed in the leaderboard. You will use the same name each time you play a tournament.

Step two: choose your tournament

The window on the left hand side will list all of the available tournaments. Click on each one to show the details in the right hand window.

Once you have decided which tournament you would like to enter, click the register button at the bottom of the right hand panel.

Step three: confirm registration and buy-in

A pop up box will ask you to place your buy in. Freeroll tournaments will have a $0 buy in. some tournaments have a buy in which goes towards the winner’s pot. The second figure is the rake and is more often than not also set to $0. The combined amounts will be deducted from your balance.

Step four: start playing

Once registered for the tournament click the play button which is in the bottom right hand of the screen. This will download the game which will open up.

Step five: navigation and controls.

Once in the game you will notice:
– your credits in the top left hand corner
– your score in the top right hand corner
you are able to adjust your bet by clicking the arrows next to lines and bet at the bottom of the screen. Doing this stretches your balance but reduces your score.

Your rank is displayed in the bottom left hand window. This also shows you how many people are playing.

Right next to this window you can see how much time you have left to play.

To see the leaderboard click on the ‘leaderboard’ button in the strp across the bottom. This opens in a separate window that you can keep open while you play.

The prize pool changes based on the amount of players who have registered. To see the prize pool click on the ‘Prizes’ button next to the ‘Leaderboard’ button.

To exit click the back button. You can return to the game while you still have time.