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7 Stud Poker

7 Stud Poker is a unique and challenging video poker game. In this game you can place multiple bets which translates into BIG winnings! You can wager up to 20 credits in a single hand and you will have as much as three different opportunities to wager. This game is geared for those who want to take video poker to the next level. Also recommended for table poker players!

How to Play 7 Stud Poker

In 7 Stud Poker you are dealt 7 cards. At first, only the 1st and 3rd cards are dealt face up and the rest are face down. Then, you can bet every time another card is revealed to you, or press on the button marked “Deal All” for the game to automatically reveal all your cards.

7 Stud Poker Rules

In this game you get paid out if you hit three of a kind or more, so your starting cards are quite important. With good starting cards you can bet with each card knowing that you’re already off to a good start! Payouts depend upon how many coins you bet (as with any video poker game) and a Royal Flush pays out 500 coins on a max bet! This game also offer the option to place a bonus bet. This is when you bet on whether or not you will get a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or 4 of a Kind.

A bonus round will automatically trigger when you have a winning hand or a straight of higher. This bonus round is a regular double or nothing bonus round and you can attempt to double your winnings! Six cards are dealt face up and the 7th is dealt face down. You guess whether the card that is down is above 8 (8-K) or below (6-A) if it’s a 7 you lose the bet.

7 Stud Poker Game Controls

  • Place your bets
  • Click on “Deal”
  • Bet to reveal each individual face down card or click on “Deal All” to reveal them all
  • Aim for the winning poker hand (3 of a Kind and above)

7 Stud Poker Features

  • Challenging Video Poker game
  • Lots of chances to wager, lots of chances to win!
  • Special double or nothing bonus round
  • 3 of a Kind and above wins!

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