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Double Jackpot Poker

Double Jackpot Poker in a video poker game where Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces in groups of four are the combinations you want to aim for in this game! If you want to cash out really big then aim for the Royal Flush while betting max credits! You can play this game in the single hand version or as much a 100 hands! Plus, in the bonus round you can take the chance to double your bet in the bonus round. Maybe you can grab the double jackpot at Prism Casino!

How to Play Double Jackpot Poker

In Double Jackpot Poker your first step to start playing is to set your betting denomination. You can choose between $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. Next, click on the chip to add credits to the game. Chip denominations are $5.00, $25.00, and $100.00. Remember that you can cashout whevener you want and your remaining balance will be credited back into you account. Once you’ve set your bet click on the “Deal” button to be dealt your cards, choose the ones you wish to hold and press the “Deal/Draw” button to discard the ones you’ve left unheld and be dealt new cards. Upon bringing up a winning hand, your winnings are automatically credited to your account!

Double Jackpot Poker Rules

Whenever you come across a winning hand the bonus feature will automatically trigger. You will be asked if you want to bet double or nothing against the dealer. If you say yes both you and the dealer will be dealt a card and if you card is higher than the dealer, you will win double the value of your original winnings! Double Jackpot Poker gets its name from being able to win the first jackpot (4000 coins) and then having the option to double it during the bonus round!

Double Jackpot Poker Game Controls

  • Place your bets
  • Click on “Deal”
  • Choose the cards you wish to hold and click “Deal/Draw”
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account!

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